Monday, September 8, 2008

Recovery from Sorrow

I have finally recovered from this terrible sports weekend (thanks Seattle)... to be thrust into the life of a full-time student, writer and semi-involved jerk. To add to that, my pockets I decided to fast for the remaining three weeks of Ramadan to experience what some of my friends were experiencing and prepare my mind for whatever it is I am preparing it for. Not to make light of what fasting is like but here is my experience so far.

Day 1 was cool... except I am not sure if I actually made it. I woke up and ate some left over Cool Mint Creme Oreos from last night's SUCCESS meeting. I got up before sunrise, as I later found, but I may have eaten literally minutes before, during, or after.

I also tried to eat a Milky Way... My boss keeps candy in her office and if she is not there I make it a point to eat some--it is a silly habit. Well I started chewing the Milky Way and then realized my commitment to fasting, so I spit it out.

I made it through the rest of the day and promptly broke fast at 7:58 at the College Democrats meeting, which wasn't so bad at all (the fasting that is... I had no problem with the meeting LOL). And I got home and ran for about 2.5 miles and I actually feel great.

I really want to do this, and I will try to make it thru the rest of the week. I wish I would have started when Ramadan started so that I could have enjoyed the entire experience. Oh and by the way I'll say it again. I am not Muslim, but if I were, what would it matter? Really?

Anyways here is a live sample of Kanye Love Lock Down

On to Politics!

David Brickner of Jews for Jesus said that the Jews being terrorized was God punishing them for not being faithful or something like that. Sarah Palin's current Pastor Larry Kroon of Wasilla Bible Chruch wouldn't comment on the statement made by David Bricker since this has become big, but apparently is boys with the Jew for Jesus.

I wonder if this will blow up like Jeremiah Wright? .... Doubt it. You can find that story on CNN by the way. They may be moving more towards real journalism! In fact there's a few more interesting things there about her religion--still, i doubt it will receive much media attention even though there are glaring similarities... I like using the word interesting to describe f'ed up ish and things that are just blatantly unfair, so it is interesting that one person's beliefs are taken in context and as their individual practices, and the other persons beliefs are espoused to their pastor... O beautiful for spacious skies...

Again, Sarah Palin is out there misremembering facts. She is attacking Obama on earmarks, while being responsible for 197 million dollars in requests for earmarks. She was a proponent of the "bridge to nowhere" until it became politically unsavory. More and more will come out, about her--but right now facts are not at all relevant. This is quite sad.



Marty McFly said...

good post...and how does your mother feel about your newfound interest in all things muslim (looking muslim, these muslim practices etc.?)

by the way, i have nothing against muslims...I'm voting for Obama. lol

wildcatmorgan07 said...

I love reading your blogs, or rather, skimming them. I skip all the parts about politics, because I remain apathetic. But maybe if I read them it would help me develop opinions. November is coming way too fast...

Mblong2 said...

Wes man! I'd just like to say from a Muslim who considers you a brother in kindness, it's amazing to see your willpower. You're a direct reflection of what scholars were saying in the 1800's: "In the Middle East, I see Muslims but no Islam, when I go to Europe, I see Islam but no Muslims." Your ability to explore, think, learn, and experience without bounds is truly wonderful. Thanks for putting true effort into understanding Islam... learning is the only method to bring true peace and acceptance in this world.