Friday, September 12, 2008

Done for the week

This is the third update for the week... I am now therefore done with you people and this blog LOL. Contractually, I guess that's true, but I am sure this weekend I will want to write something about something.

School sucks and not because it's school, but because it takes up so much time. If I could barely get paid and run around and try to fix stuff on campus, I guarantee I would be a much more likable person--and I wouldn't have to make myself blog three posts a week as they would just naturally flow.

Shifting to actual stuff of real quantifiable value ranked the city with the best looking people and Miami came out on top.

Not that it's a bad thing to be good looking (I do it so well LOL), but if you read on further Seattle was ranked #1 for having the most intelligent locals. Again proving that there is more to life than being really, really, ridiculously, good looking. I would much rather go to Seattle than Miami anyways.

My new second city Portland, Oregon was voted the cleanest city in the U.S. another accolade I am proud to claim for my people (Pacific Northwest). Having had the opportunity to visit a lot of places in the States, I think cleanliness is one of the better titles to hold as well... anybody can be good looking, but it takes good home training, discipline, and near obsessive compulsiveness to truly be clean.

If the Republicans have their way, this will be their Vice President. I know I am biased, but what if Barack were to not know what the Billy J. Clinton economic plan entailed. Not only would he be an idiot, but he would be directly slapping in the face surrogates who were better prepared to run the country, even though it was Hillary and not Bill running for the Democratic Party's nomination.

Plain and simple, the Democratic Ticket is better than the Republican ticket. Luckily there will be substantive debates and interviews forthcoming to expose these truths... that way when Barack doesn't get elected there will be mass outrage for the injustice done by an uninformed and extremely -ist society. What I mean by that is we have so many societal problems that end in is racist, classist, prejudicedist and other ists in the most negative sense.

Fortunately, I don't believe there is any way Mr. Obama can lose and I won't have to experience the letdown of another stolen election like we have endured the last two elections. Just imagine if one of them had of been won by the other side... especially if it was the first one...


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"it takes good home training, discipline, and near obsessive compulsiveness to truly be clean."